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Apr 25, 2016 by nanoFatato
Gormiti Eclissi Suprema is up!
Another gormiti series added, check it out!
This time I filled some gaps in the Mimps figures section and added the last figure to the Gormiti Luxion list too.

I have tons of series to add but so little time... :(
  Oct 06, 2015 by nanoFatato
Shuttle Chodes Decoys
Autocon '03 Exclusive
I searched for this set a long, long time.
I consider it one of my two 'Holy Grail' of Decoys collecting, the other one being the Dave Van Domelen's painted Decoys for Botcon '97.

shuttle decoys group

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TAGS » Collection, Exclusives, Indie, Minifigures, Monocolored, Transformers Decoys
  Mar 29, 2014 by nanoFatato
Gormiti Elemental Fusion Series is up!
Another gormiti update, this time I made a page for the tenth series of Gormiti, using slightly bigger photos, hope you'll enjoy it.

Click to go to Gormiti Elemental Series
TAGS » Collection, Gig, Gormiti, Minifigures
  Feb 27, 2014 by nanoFatato
Gormiti Series III is up!
Uploaded right now a page for the third series of Gormiti, I'm using a set of very old photos that aren't too good, sooner or later I'll upgrade'em.

Click to go to Gormiti Series III
TAGS » Collection, Gig, Gormiti
  Jan 02, 2014 by nanoFatato
Kabuto Mushi MKII
THEGODBEAST's original creation Kabuto Mushi, after years of resin-casting and blessing the collections of thousands happy collectors around the world, has become a full PVC production piece!

The date for the drop is set on Friday January 3rd, 2014 @ 9pm EST/8pm CST and here's the link for the shop.

There will be available a Kabuto Mushi MKII in 4 different colors and a Mini Mushi Swarm 4-pack, just take a look at these jaw-dropping images!

In case anyone doesn't know yet, these fantastic characters will be Glyos compatible, so let the building mayhem begins!
TAGS » Glyos, Indie, Minifigures, THEGODBEAST
  Dec 17, 2013 by nanoFatato
MWOTR PVC Series One Review


I finally got in my hands on the very first PVC set of Mystical Warriors of the Ring toyline released in october, the previous releases were resin casts so not so playing-friendly, especially if you are going to pull out some wrestling moves with your other minifigures (i.e. MUSCLE), but fear no more!

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TAGS » Indie, Minifigures, Monocolored, Mystical Warriors of the Ring
  Mar 29, 2013 by nanoFatato
Sheldon Sabre the Tiger
Last sculpt of MWOTR revealed

wave 1

Here is the full lineup for 2013:

  • Ulric Wolfrom

  • Goliath

  • Leo Corazon

  • The Widowmaker

  • Kayin Kungaa

  • Sheldon Sabre

Sheldon Sabre is the last sculpt for the 2013, he's a little more special than the others because he came in two variants: with a robe and without, ready for a fight.

Sheldon Sabre

And don't forget the ring, the gitd ropes, minicomics and a lot of accessories that could be released down the road..

Mystical Warriors of the Ring Blog
TAGS » Indie, Monocolored, Mystical Warriors of the Ring
  Mar 02, 2013 by nanoFatato
Enter the Widowmaker
Another new sculpt for the Mystical Warriors of the Ring
This character is my favourite by far, do you wonder why?
Because he remiinds me my all time favourite minifigure sculpt ever: #70 Muscle Ashuraman.

As always, you can check out more photos here on the official blog!

Close-UpGroup ShotThe Match of the Century

TAGS » Indie, Monocolored, Mystical Warriors of the Ring
  Feb 27, 2013 by nanoFatato
Goliath joins the roster of AWF!
A new prototype for the Mystical Warriors of the Ring revealed!
The name's Goliath. He's big, very big.

The second sculpt has been finally unveiled and is ready to wreak havoc among your minifigure collections, can you wait until April?

Check out some pictures here on the official blog!

Behold Goliath!Goliath close-upShut up and wrestle!!

TAGS » Indie, Monocolored, Mystical Warriors of the Ring
  Feb 10, 2013 by nanoFatato
Christmas Slug Zombies
A small update on the Slug Zombies collection, we have a full coverage of the small christmas exclusive series of zombies right here!

Xmas Slug Zombies Logo

TAGS » Collection, Minifigures, Monocolored, Slug Zombies

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