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Jan 26, 2013 by nanoFatato
Mystical Warriors of the Ring
A new minifigures indie toyline is coming!
What you get if you mix up wrestling and savage animals?
A new promising toyline! Full of colorful and fierce characters, these toys are coming from Fantastic Plastic Toys, a well known toys dealer.

The following image shows the first prototype of Ulric Wolfrom and it's full of details for its size!

Ulric's testshot

Check out the official website to find artworks, bios and much more!
TAGS » Indie, Monocolored, Mystical Warriors of the Ring
  Dec 10, 2012 by nanoFatato
New Gormiti Series
A new series of Gormiti is available! Made of 26 new characters, it was in stores since november but I only bought the characters that caught my attention more than the others.
I can see a departure from the old toy-ish style toward a more detailed and better painted look, like the new MIMPs.

Do you like'em?

Magor, Groot and Lord Agrom

TAGS » Gig, Gormiti, Minifigures, Painted
  Dec 03, 2012 by nanoFatato
Slug Zombies Series 2 and 3
We have now in our archives a complete visual for Series 2 and 3 of this funny toyline, go check it out!

Slug Zombies

TAGS » Collection, Minifigures, Monocolored, Slug Zombies
  Nov 13, 2012 by nanoFatato
Ecologini collection is up!
A complete coverage for one of the most mysterious toyline here in Europe.
Issued in the 90's in Italy, it was quickly forgotten.. until now!


TAGS » Collection, Ecologini, Minifigures, Monocolored
  Aug 13, 2012 by nanoFatato
YOU are what THEY eat.

NEVER bully a crite

Do you love 80's monster movies?
Ever dreamed about having a mogwai as a pet?
Ever dreamed about feeding him after midnight while shampooing him?
Have you ever saw a ghoulie in your toilet or a troll in a forest?

Well, this could be interesting for you.
Read More »
TAGS » Indie, Minifigures
  Apr 01, 2012 by nanoFatato
SLUG Zombies
Coverage of the new line of minifigures of Jakks Pacific, click here or jump with the menu on the right!
TAGS » Collection, Minifigures, Monocolored, Slug Zombies
  Mar 30, 2012 by nanoFatato
OMFG: the GitD chapter

Glow figures, I love you

Here they are guys!
The folks at October Toys told us that the Glow in the Dark color was on the TODO list, so what are you waiting for?

Go here and became a backer!
TAGS » Exclusives, Glows in the dark, Indie, Minifigures, Monocolored, OMFG!
  Mar 23, 2012 by nanoFatato
Interview with Glyos creator from Kaiju Korner
Matt, his beard and Mr. Noboto
A little insight chat with Matt Doughty from Onell Design brought to you by Kaiju Korner

TAGS » Glyos, Painted, Toys
  Mar 14, 2012 by nanoFatato
Rise of the Beasts
A brand new collectible line!
03/14 UPDATE
Another update for this line, it seems that the funding project at Kickstarter has been deleted, but for an amazing reason, here's the official words from Plastic Imagination:

"A fantastic opportunity has presented itself that Plastic Imagination simply could not refuse regarding the Rise of The Beasts line.

This opportunity allows them to bring the line to market without asking the fans to make a pledge in advance and allows them far greater flexibility regarding the frequency of new characters being released.
They are ecstatic about this opportunity and believe the fans will be as well."

Well, this is a sweet twist of events isn't it? The first figure (the Gold Lion) will be here in June, way sooner than expected!
Keep yourself updated following the thread at LittleRubberGuys.

03/10 UPDATE
$11,000 goal reached, the project is funded!
But there's more: we break through the $14,000 wall too!

That means that every person who pledged $45 or higher will receive a FREE series 2 figure along with the bonus GOLD lion figure.

Let's keep the momentum up, we have 3 days left, if we can reach $17,000 a second series 2 figure will be included for the $45 pledgers, and the bonus GOLD lion will be available for the $30 level too!

That's true, following the HUGE success that graced the great OMFG toys, another collectible-friendly toyline comes out of the shadows, by the guys at Plastic Imagination, named Rise of the Beasts.

RotB Logo

It's a clear homage to the 80's properties like MUSCLE, Battle Beasts, Thundercats and Masters of the Universe all mixed together to bring you a product with tons of potential.
Read More »
TAGS » Exclusives, Indie, Minifigures, Painted, Rise of the Beasts
  Mar 12, 2012 by nanoFatato
OMFG Series 2 voting is.. now!

OMFG Series

Head to October Toys' Forum topic and pick your 5 favourite concepts/designs.

The winners will receive the honor to be immortalized forever(as far as plastic lasts..) in toy form and shipped to toy collectors around the world.
Can you imagine a better purpose for a toy?

There are over 400 designs to choose from, it will be soooo hard.
TAGS » Exclusives, Indie, Minifigures, Monocolored, OMFG!

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