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Feb 04, 2012 by nanoFatato
OMFG Artist Color Set
in my hands.. now!

I just want to chewing them..

Just a little teaser pic, I'll wait to have all the sets in my hands to make a full coverage!
TAGS » Exclusives, Indie, Minifigures, Monocolored, OMFG!
  Jan 20, 2012 by nanoFatato
What the Snork..?!?
The Snorks (Snorky in Italy) are little sea creatures that live underwater, of belgian birth, they aired on television in the mid-eighties for 4 seasons and even if they weren't successful as their french 'cousins' Smurfs they have a considerable fandom.

Many Snorks toys were produced, including painted minifigures made by Schleich (the same company that did Smurfs minifigures), but here comes Yolanda! A spanish toy company well known for his wide array of minifigures made, in this case they reused some Schleich sculpts to cast some Snorks, some were in soft plastic and painted, some were in hard plastic (comparable to M.U.S.C.L.E., maybe a bit harder) and unpainted.

Snorks group!

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TAGS » Minifigures, Monocolored, Snorks, Yolanda
  Dec 31, 2011 by nanoFatato
OMFG have landed!
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so behold the awesome explosion of colors captured by this photo:

colors colors colors!

Isn't it beautiful? we can see
It's taken directly from the warehouse, it means that right now they are being sorted and shipped, grab them while they last, and stay tuned for more informations about the making of Series 2! Or even better make your own submissions!
TAGS » Exclusives, Minifigures, OMFG!
  Oct 15, 2011 by nanoFatato
Gormiti Luxion collection is up
Just started to cover the series, you can find it on the right menu below the MIMP 200X or you can click here
TAGS » Gig, Glows in the dark, Gormiti, Minifigures, Painted
  Sep 09, 2011 by nanoFatato
New Gormiti Series: Luxion
And they glow! A lot!
That's right, the new Gormiti series is hitting stores on September.
It's called "Luxion" and is heavy on the glow side! Basically almost all the figures are made of GITD plastic with minor paint apps here and there (for better results I suggest to use a Wood's light though).
I'm going on holiday for two weeks (...finally!), so you have to wait a little for a full coverage!

Il Plastiforme, Bisamonte and Gazmark

TAGS » Gig, Glows in the dark, Gormiti, Minifigures, Painted
  Aug 28, 2011 by nanoFatato
Acute Action Figure Addiction Disorder
That's right, now your loved ones will have a valid excuse to drag you to the psychologist...

TAGS » Action Figures, Toys
  Aug 07, 2011 by nanoFatato
ToyStream #1
An interview with Dave Van Domelen
First installment of a semi-regular appointment here on Rubberfever, and it starts with a bang!
I'm very proud to host the artist behind the BotCon '97 Dinner Exclusives: Dave Van Domelen!
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TAGS » Exclusives, Minifigures, Painted, ToyStream, Transformers Decoys
  Jul 30, 2011 by nanoFatato
BotCon '97 Exclusives Decoys
Because even decoys have super rares!
I'm not talking about some weird and obscure japanese exclusives but western ones, that weren't available in stores.

On July 18-20 1997 in Rochester, New York, was held one of the most famous convention of the TF world: BotCon.
As usual several exclusives were produced, a Beast Wars redeco two-pack of Fractyl/Packrat in their Energon armours, a T-shirt and a CD too!
But there was another, a dinner exclusive given to the first 100 attendees at the pre-convention dinner on friday night.
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TAGS » Exclusives, Minifigures, Painted, Transformers Decoys
  Jul 22, 2011 by nanoFatato
SDCC 2011
Yes guys, SDCC has just started and it has brought us a LOAD of new toys!
For example we're expecting big announcements for the Master of the Universe Classics toyline from Mattel, with several new figures to be unveiled, but look at what has popped up on display:

MOTUC minifigures...?

This image was twitted by Pixel Dan, and it shows some gorgeous MOTUC minifigures!
they seem directly inspired by drawings of the artist Sllohcin who did some wonderful designs based on 200X figures when they were still in stores.
To see the original drawings read the topic here on!

Check the 4Horsemen's blog to admire the MOTUC minifigures in HQ!
  Jul 16, 2011 by nanoFatato
Outlandish Mini Figures Guys!


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TAGS » Exclusives, Indie, Minifigures, Monocolored, OMFG!

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